Old West Cowboy Music Show
and Chuckwagon SupperDurango's favorite family entertainment since 1969


The American cowboy symbolizes the spirit of our nation and it's heritage from a fondly remembered romantic era much like the Caesars to Rome, the Spartans to Greece, the Vikings to Norway and the Knights of the Round Table to Britain.

This Old West Cowboy era was romanticized in western films as portrayed by John Ford productions with John Wayne, of singing cowboys like Gene Autry and Roy Rodgers, Clint Eastwood movies of the 60's and 70's, and television series like Rawhide, Bonanza, and Gunsmoke.

Away from the ranch, the historic American cowboy drove half wild long horn steers across the west and faced down whatever dangers came their way be it storm, flood, rustlers, indians, or stampede. They worked hard and spent long hours in the saddle for weeks or months at a time.

As the sun was sinking in the west, the Cowboys would ride in and tie up near the Chuckwagon to settle down for the night. The Cookie served the wranglers their evening grub and they would gather round the camp fire, exchange stories, tell jokes, and listen to their companions play and sing trail songs.

Nothing symbolizes the spirit, life, and times of the Cowboy as well as their music and songs. The tunes range from those around the campfire to back street Saloon hoedowns and the midnight laments that the nighthawk shift cowboys sang to calm the herd.

Fast forward 150 years to today's working ranches, dude ranches, and Chuckwagon attractions. The Bar D Chuckwagon is located on the Dalton Cattle Ranch North of Durango Colorado where the Wranglers entertain the whole family with fun, comedy, and songs in the Cowboy tradition. A chuckwagon supper is included with the show that Cookie could only dream about. You are invited to saddle up and ride to the Bar D Chuckwagon. It has been Durango's favorite family entertainment for nearly 50 years.

"...It's all here, it's all authentic, and when it's mixed in with the outstanding musicianship, tight harmony, and hilarious hijinks of the Bar D Wranglers it makes for a night of fun you won't soon forget. Take it from somebody who has been there and can't wait to go back again, there's nothing like an evening at the Bar D."
- Charlie Daniels, Nashville